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We Offer a Range of Services 
to Meet Your Needs


The Heartland Group takes a collaborative approach, working with owners, architects and engineers during this planning stage. Some of the deliverables during pre-construction include:

  • Ensuring the project scope is clearly defined

  • Present a cost estimate for the project owner/client to confirm that expected costs fall within the budget

  • Making sure schedules for the project are well defined and this should include an anticipated delivery date

  • Site logistic studies and permitting

  • Work with local contractors to get final bids for all trades and job scopes to determine final project cost


The Heartland Group works with vendors, contractors, designers and owners to ensure the project runs smoothly, is finished on time and is within the budget. Our client's satisfaction during the construction process is essential. Some deliverables during this phase include:

  • Sequencing to support quality, schedules, and cost effectiveness

  • Frequent plan of the day meetings to discuss schedules, deliverables, areas of work, and any issues to ensure everyone is working at maximum capacity

  • Ensuring worksite safety protocols are adhered to

  • Have regular Owner, Architect, and Construction

    (OAC) meetings to discuss progress, design, product selections, change orders, and anything else project related

  • Storm water pollution prevention (SWPPP) management when applicable


The Heartland Group works with owners/clients to provide a single point of contact throughout the design and construction process. The scope of these services include:

  • Project management, coordination, facilitation, oversight and monitoring

  • Budget and schedule management

  • Stakeholder management

  • Establishing the project communication plan

  • Risk management and mitigation

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